Great Volunteers Make a Difference!

70 to 80 volunteers each semester work with riders and horses at Turning Point

70 to 80 volunteers each semester work with riders and horses at Turning Point

How much time does it take to change the life of a young person facing physical, mental or emotional challenges? At Turning Point Ranch Therapeutic Riding Center, the answer is an hour and a half a week.

Oklahoma’s only PATH Premier Accredited therapeutic riding center seeks 75 to 80 volunteers each semester to partner with “therapists in horseshoes” – their horses – so Special Education students may ride. The ranch is recruiting and training volunteers now for sessions that begin on February 2. Fall is especially exciting since Turning Point participates in the OSU Homecoming Parade as well as Equestrian Special Olympics in November.

Spring 2015 Orientation at Turning Point is set for Monday, January 26 at 5pm at 4100 E. Lakeview Road. Potential volunteers will have the opportunity to watch and practice mounting techniques, helmet fitting, safety holds and horse leading as well as appropriate interactions for various disabilities.

Megan White is the Program Coordinator at Turning Point and serves as the Instructor for many of the therapeutic sessions. “You can imagine with horses and children with disabilities in the arena, it’s VERY important that volunteers are trained in advance. Everyone has a lot more fun when we’re all safe,” she says. Turning Point operates under the standards of PATH, the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship.