Turning Point needs your help to meet an exciting goal!  If we can convince 500 supporters to give just $10 each by Giving Tuesday, we can raise a TOTAL of $10,000!!!    An enthusiastic donor has agreed to MATCH every gift.

Please!!!  Give $10 today and ask you friends and family to do the same.  Or, if you are at the barn, take a feather from the Horse Turkey and purchase an item that Turning Point needs.  The match will still count.

Giving Tuesday

Pluck a feather from our “tailfeather” full of needs and help us meet the $10 MATCH GIVING TUESDAY challenge.

Here are some of the needs we are trying to meet with this GIVING TUESDAY drive:

  • 25 new ASTM-SEI helmets @ $50 each   Ours are older than the five year limit.
  • A treeless or draft saddle for Gizmo @ over $1000
  • A blue-tooth wireless microphone for instructors to use in sessions @$100
  • PHT magnets and Lifeline patches to reduce discomfort in our therapy horses @$50
  • Gift cards from Tractor Supply or Atwoods for Senior Feed or Safe Choice@ $20 each
  • A lunging surcingle for our schooling team to use in conditioning @$200
  • Rainbow reins and rein extenders for our riders @ $20 each
  • Nametag holders for our volunteers@ $50 a box
  • Sponsorship of an acupuncture or chiropractor treatment for Batman an Buck @$75 each
  • Small riding gloves @$10 a pair
  • New brushes, pics and combs for a grooming kit @ $20 per kit
  • Metal engraved tags for halters, English and Western Saddles@ $5 each (Need 25)
  • Sponsorship of our water cooler@$$10 per month
  • Gift cards from WalMart for paper and ink for volunteer forms, lesson plans & agendas @ $20
  • A bareback pad @ $70
  • Stirrup leathers and peacock bands @ $15 per package
  • Stamps for newsletter and thank you note mailings @ $200
  • Farrier’s Formula hoof supplement for Chiquita’s feet @ $50 per bucket
  • Anti-fungal shampoo and Fly Spray @ $12 a bottle
  • Printing sponsorship for Volunteer and Parent Manuals @ $100 per year
  • Gas cards for when we haul horses to the vet or events @ $25 each

Thank you in advance for supporting our efforts to use horses to help people facing challenges find SUCCESS!