(mmm…hay…is it snack time yet?) 
Baxter here, but you can call me 
by my new nickname, B.B.
It's easier for me to type. (Wink)
I'm pretty famous, but if you don't know me, 
I'm a six year old miniature horse.  
I keep the other therapy horses in line at 
Turning Point Ranch in Stillwater.

I get paid in carrots, love pats and LOTS of attention!

I travel all around Stillwater serving people who can’t come to the Ranch and I ride in the backseat of a Toyota Tundra.
Rachel, The Executive Director at Turning Point is my favorite driver,

WOW! On May 21, our cup flooded over at Turning Point!

You might have heard about the big rescue to get me and my friends out of the high water. Fortunately, I was in the barn so the water only tickled my tummy. But my friends had to SWIM out! We’ve had so much help from so many people getting Turning Point Back to normal that I need to shout out a BIG THANK YOU!!!

I am REALLY excited that classes got underway September 9th. My horse pals are well rested and ready to help a bunch of kids and adults in a variety of ways.  Speech, motor skills, social interaction and direction following are just a few.  The best part is nobody even knows they’re learning because they’re having so much fun. (Shhhh…don’t tell them!)

Here’s my friend Ander on Isaiah on the Sensory Trail playing the xylophone

As a mini, my bod, while toned and very attractive, isn’t equipped for riders, so I’ll be doing other things.  Literacy Day, visits to retirement homes, group homes and a women’s shelter (the ladies love me) and other events around town are on my agenda. 

Meeting friends at the Mill
Taking books to First Graders

But here’s my BIG NEWS!!!

I’ve got a new gig at Oklahoma State University home football games as part of Pistol Pete’s Partners! 

That’s me on the Big Screen and on the field!

This is the official OSU Athletic Kid’s Club for children eighth grade and under.  You should totally Google it! On Sept. 7, I’ll was at our first home game against McNeese State.  I escorted Pistol Pete’s Partner of the Game onto the field.  THE CROWD WENT WILD. 

You guys all know Bullet, the black horse that runs the field after every OSU touchdown.  Well, there’s a new sheriff in town and he goes by the name of BB.  That’s me.  Okay, okay…maybe not a new sheriff, but a studly sidekick to the sheriff?  (No offense, Bullet.  My head gets a little big sometimes.  I totally respect you.)  Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for yours truly.  I’ll be in my orange gear which really pops against my elegant black coat.  I can’t wait to see everyone and be a part of the magic that is OSU game day! 

I’ll try to get behind the ol’ computer every few weeks and update you on the life of BB and what’s new at Turning Point Ranch.  I’m a busy fella, but inquiring minds want to know!

 Take care and thanks for the support, every buddy!