HorseTales Literacy

First touch book day
First graders at HIghland Park Elementary recieve their very own books in late February. They practice reading until Literacy Field Day in late April.

Highland Park is a Title One school based on the income levels of the students. Because many of the parents do not use English as a first language, the first graders often lag behind in reading.  That puts them at a disadvantage throughout their school years.

The HorseTales Literacy program makes reading exciting as a REAL horse comes to school to deliver the books.  And then the students get to come and read to REAL horses and do 16 other horse related activities at the field day.  The teachers report nearly every child is reading at or above grade level by the end of the school year since the project began in 2012.

In addition, parent involvement has increased significantly as one chaperone for every six children is required for the field trip.

From Turning Point’s point of view, we have the most literate horses in Payne County after six years of ready AND we know getting first graders excited about reading can change their whole lives.

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