Mobile Mini Programs

Baxter at Primrose
Baxter motivated residents at Primrose to get walking and talking as part of an elder care initiative.
Baxter and Mini Pete
Baxter joined another fan to cheer on the OSU Equestrian team at a home meet.

Thanks to mini horses, equine assisted activities can travel to people where ever they are.







Baxter has been to Rotary in the OSU Student Union and encouraged kids to read at the Library by checking out a book about horses.  He’s visited schools, banks and feed stores spreading the word about Turning Point.

Now with the addition of Allie, the dynamic duo can increase Turning Point’s outreach efforts to help people with challenges — no matter their stage of life — live to their fullest potential.

The benefits include increased mobility, social interaction and unprompted verbal communication. At a pilot project in Indiana with adults diagnosed with dementia, intentional interaction with mini horses over a 12 week program increased mobility by 80 percent and unprompted verbal interaction by 92 percemt.   Plus, it’s hard not to smile when Baxter is in the house!


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