Covid 19 Procedures

Maggie decided to wear a mask while practicing her two-point on Derby.

What to Expect:

In an effort to maintain high standards for safety during this time of COVID-19, Turning Point
Ranch has put into place new procedures for sanitation.

1. Masks are optional for riders.  If a rider is masked, they may take their mask off after mounting up so that they can breathe freely while exercising.  

2. All volunteers and staff are required to wear masks when closer than 6 feet.  Volunteers are allowed to take their masks off after their rider mounts up.  This decision was made after speaking to several parents and taking their level of comfort as a basis of this decision.

*** If parents are uncomfortable with volunteers unmasking while their rider is mounted, those volunteers will remain masked. ***

3. Riders as well as Volunteers are allowed in the barn. Hands are to be washed FIRST, before checking in or helping with helmets.

4. Helmets will be cleaned after each use, including the outside surface and chin straps. 

5. Helmets, reins, tack, toys or props that come in contact with riders are cleaned regularly.

6. If staff, volunteers or riders have any sort of illness or allergies that are not under control (i.e. nose is running, coughing or sneezing), they will be required to wait to come to the barn until they are completely well – no signs of the previously mentioned symptoms.

7. Parents and/or caregivers are asked to “tailgate” and are welcome to relax in cars, on the patio or on the bleachers.  

8. Turning Point will follow all guidelines the City of Stillwater has put into place for proximity and masks.

  • Please note that there is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. For most surfaces,
    cleaning products will be used to sanitize. Some equipment could be damaged by using harsh
    chemicals, but will be cleaned with appropriate cleaning solutions.

ALL Volunteers, Riders, Staff and Parents/Caregivers must complete and SIGN a Covid 19 Risk Assessment before entering the barn in Fall 2021.

Click HERE to download the form.

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