Volunteer Orientation

Every Turning Point Volunteer must attend Orientation before their first day of service. Taking the steps below will begin to prepare you to make a difference in a life through therapeutic horsemanship.  Your instructor will give you on going instruction when you arrive at the barn but you still need to attend an Orientation training session – either LIVE or online.

Orientation is scheduled before classes start each semester but you can also watch the Virtual Orientation videos below and take an online test before your first session if you miss LIVE orientation at the beginning of the semester.

Follow these simple steps before Orientation:

  1. Read the Volunteer Flip Book including disability descriptions, and check out the duties for each role below.
  2. Complete your Volunteer Packet forms
  3. Report to Orientation with ALL your completed volunteer forms.
  4. Celebrate being prepared to make a difference!

Pre-Orientation Materials:

Safety Rules
Horse Handlers
Feed Team

Virtual Orientation:

If you cannot attend a LIVE Orientation, these videos will give you much of the information. You will need to take the test after watching the videos and bring it to your first session. Your instructor may also ask you to do some hands on activities with horses before riders arrive so you are perfectly comfortable supporting their safety.

Tip: You are in control of your video experience. Try making Kenzie larger or smaller or moving her around the screen so she does not block important content on the slide. There is A LOT!! You can also adjust the volume. The five videos were done in Free Conference Call.com. The links and Test are below.

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