Restore Your Soul in our Green Pastures

Enjoying the green pastures
OK…they aren’t very green in January, but that’s why we need volunteers to feed and water our herd year round. And keep an eye on the herd dynamics. 

In the winter, our Feed Team volunteers fill water tanks and make sure the de-icers are working and the hoses are disconnected.  Check out these special Feed Team t-shirts:

Feed Team Shirts
Feed Team members love wearing Buck, Derby and Chiquita as a badge of honor for their work on the coldest and hottest days
Then each horse gets specific food AND hay twice a day plus a once-over just to make sure no one is limping or has another medical issue. 
And of course, they all need to be petted and told how much we appreciate the wonderful job they do as “therapists in horseshoes.”  Who wouldn’t love that? 
We are always looking for great Feed Team members. Just email us at

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