Minis Take Turning Point Mobile

Baxter Black and Turning Point’s newest horse, Rosie, are mobile and mini – ready to serve people who can’t come to the barn.

Baxter in the Homecoming Parade
Baxter and Rachel in the Homecoming Parade

Baxter has a big soft eye and has an even BIGGER personality. He has convinced the rest of the herd he’s a rock star!

Rosie is a mini paint and is delicate and sweet to small and frail visitors

Mini’s are a big part of Turning Point’s outreach efforts — visiting schools and businesses in preparation for providing leadership training to teens and life-enhancing opportunities for individuals in assisted living.

Baxter at Primrose
Baxter motivated residents at Primrose to get walking and talking as part of an elder care initiative.

He may be small, but he is also a great horse for teaching riders showmanship skills as he’s not quite as intimidating as his 1200 pound herd mates.

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