Kenzie is AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator

Kenzie Oefelein is the Senior PATH Instructor at Turning Point.  In fact she’s been coming to the barn for more than 12 years – first as a volunteer, then Herd Manager, then Instructor. Now a grant from AmeriCorps – Oklahoma Opportunities – is funding her expertise as Volunteer Coordinator. Her new emphasis will be inContinue reading “Kenzie is AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator”

Great Volunteers Make Turning Point Turn

On paper, our volunteers are side-walkers, horse leaders, feed team or schooling team members, but in reality, they change the lives of our riders and horses.  It takes both creativity and patience to coax riders and horses through our challenging sessions. But the rewards are HUGE.  From holding the reins to letting go of theContinue reading “Great Volunteers Make Turning Point Turn”