PremierStuff – LSTEN 2021

2021 PATH Standards Summary

Spreadsheet for Mock Site Visit (2018)

Premier Accreditation LSTEN Slides

A1 Written Legal Structure:

  • 501 (c) 3 letter
  • By-Laws
  • Contract with local school system
  • Secretary of State Certification
  • Annual Report

A2 Written Insurance Summary from Policy

A3 Written Org Chart

A4 Written Position Descriptions

Board Member

Executive Director


Volunteer Coordinator

Herd Manager

Stable/Facilities Assistant


Horse Handler

Feed Team Member

A7 Risk Inventory and Management Policy

A8 Contract for leased or borrowed Equines

A9 Eligibility & Dismisal of Riders

A10 Dismissal of Volunteers & Guests

A11 Registration Forms:

A12 Attendance for Riders & Volunteers

A13 Info on Personnel – See A11 forms above plus add PATH Certificates and Directory

A14 Liability forms for All See A 11 Forms: Riders in DRIVE, Volunteers in Big Notebook, Personnel in small notebook.

A15 Photo Release Forms See A 11 Forms

A16 Health History for Riders See A 11 Forms in DRIVE

A17 Physician signature for Participants See Individual Rider Files in DRIVE (A11 Forms)

A18 Down Syndrome annual signed AAI See Individual Rider Files from Provided List

A19 Permission to Release Info

A20 Billing Policies

A22 Confidentiality & Records Maintenance – See Confidentiality in Volunteer Manual &

A23 Annual Update policy & Records

  • See Volunteer Policy in Volunteer Manual Pg 2, Packet Pg 1,
  • Volunteer Records: Updates in upper right corner of forms in Large Notebook
  • See Rider Policy in Parents Handbook Page 4
  • Rider Records: See Continuing Rider Forms in DRIVE with dates on all forms

A24 Occurance Reports Policy & Reports

A25 Safety Rules & Emergency Procedures – EXAMPLES

  • Orientation – Pg 3
  • Volunteer Manual Pg 9-12
  • Posted Emergency Evacuation Route
  • Safety Rules
  • Lesson Plan from Rehearsal

A26 Orientation

A27 Volunteer Attire See Volunteer Manual Pg 5 & Orientation Pg 2

A29 CPR cards See copies in Personnel notebook under each name & Schedule

*A30 ASTM-SEI Helmets worn See policies in Parents & Volunteer Manuals plus Orientation

A34 Guidelines on assigning as Sidewalker or Leader

A37 Procedure on Research Studies

*F16 Phone and Emergency Info – Example Card

F17 Test Documentation on Fire Extinguishers if required

F18 Human First Aid Kit maintenance

F19 Equine First Aid Kit maintenance

EQM1 Equine Selection & Screening Policy

EQM2 Equine Suitability & Removal policy

EQM3 Equine Training Procedure Example

EQM4 Procedure to check equine soundness Example

EQM5 Policy and Records on Equine use limits

EQM6 Equine annual exams and work load capacity

EQM7 Equine records: vaccines, deworming, hoof care, teeth, sickness, injury

EQM8 Feed Chart

*MA1 PATH Certification of Instructors See Personnel Folder and Schedule/Lesson Plaln

*MA2 All wear ASTM_SEI helmets or documentation of alternative use

MA3 List of Trained Mounters – Example

*MA4 Policy on safety stirrups or hard soles & heels See Parents, Volunteer Manuals plus Orientation

*GA1 PATH Certification of Instructors – See Personnel Notebook

ESK1 – Progress notes Review notes in DRIVE under rider names

ESK2 Intake Evals for riders See documents in rider folders in DRIVE

FTST – Note: These change every year! Don’t forget to look them up!!!

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